Market Dynamics has assisted many Start-Ups over the last 20 years. We have a deep understanding of your data needs both initially and long term, as well as the budget issues many Start-Ups experience.

Many of our Start-Up clients’ initial needs fall into one of the following areas:

We can provide trended annual dollars and units for complete categories or subsets of categories. Some commonly used subsets are based on:


We can provide trended annual diagnosis counts and the products currently used to treat the diagnosis. Start-Up projects frequently revolve around specific diagnosis groups and may need to be segmented by species. Our Start-Up customers frequently need:

  Prevalence Rates
  Pets Treated
  Brand Switching
  Products typically used in treatment
  Compliance Data

Often our relationship begins with high level metrics but as the company grows, there is a need for regular data and analysis. Rest assured we can also provide this from our syndicated data reports and deep dive data sets.