Product Reporting

The Product database contains information from two sources. One is the Patient Information Management Systems (PIMS) installed in veterinary clinics across the United State. The other is from invoices for purchases made by over 1000 small animal vets, mixed (large and small) vets, large animal vets, equine vets, distributors, co-ops, farm supply stores and equine ranches. The Product Database is a central “data warehouse” where all relevant information is stored. The available information includes enhancements of data that were included in our well-established Animal Health Study (AHS), such as species, 27 major product classes and more than 250 sub-categories, over 5000 active products, compounded products, generics (both products and ingredients), forms, and sales measurements. .

Types of Business Intelligence Data Available:

  Retail Units and Dollars

  Retail Price and Margin Reports

  Brand Switching Reports

  Free Goods and Promotion Tracking

  Penetration Reporting

  Compound Drug Sales

  Pet Demographics Related to Products