Pharma Manufacturers

Market Dynamics has been supporting both large and small manufacturers for over 20 years. We have a deep understanding of your data needs and have structured our business to provide it reliably and easily.

While the needs of our manufacturing clients are the most diverse, many of our relationships with manufacturers include providing:

  $$, doses and Units Sales at Brand/Products/Pack level
  Species level data
  Form level data
  Margin analysis
  Free Goods
  Brand Switching
  Generic Ingridients
  Compound Products

Similar to Diagnosis and Treatment Data we can provide trended annual procedure and services counts. In these areas the needs tend to revolve around the following:

  Procedure or Service counts
  Products Used
  Follow Up Activity
  Prevalence and Incidence Rates
  Treatment and Compliance for Chronic Condition
  Treatment Plan Switching
  Outcomes and Follow-up Tracking