Investment Companies

Market Dynamics has been assisting investment analysts for over 20 years. We understand that our role is to provide reliable data that allows you to assess the value of a company, business or product. We will work with your objectives and budget to determine which data will be most useful to your decision-making process.

Many of our investment analyst clients’ needs include:

We can provide trended annual dollars and units for the complete market, selected categories or subsets of categories. We can provide the data at many levels including


We can provide trended annual diagnosis, service and procedure counts which provide a look at the patient market size. Many of our investment analysis projects revolve around specific diagnosis groups. This can be segmented into species data as well. Some of the data our Start-Up customers often ask for are as follows:

  Prevalence Rates
  Pets Treated
  Patient outcomes

Investment customers need to better understand the specific monthly/quarterly dynamics of the market. We can provide one time or ongoing monthly/quarterly sales over extended periods which help get a better understanding of the sales flow and impact of various market dynamics.