Diagnosis and Treatment Study

The Diagnosis, Treatment and Services database contains data collected from Patient Information Management Systems (PIMS) installed in veterinary clinics across the United States. PIMS is a central "data warehouse" for clinics, where all relevant data is stored.

The available information includes enhancements of data that were included in our well-established VMDR study, such as diagnoses and product dispensing, plus new information such as product prchases and cost to clinics, pricing to pet woeners, pet demographics and millions of patient transactions. This database includes complete daily transaction reporting for a panel 1000+ clinics. The data is analyzed and aggregated for trended productrs and services reporting as well as specific deep dive analysis.

With this extensive range of data, Market Dynamcs offers dynamic new market intelligence, with unique analysis and creative, insightful data mining.

Diagnosis Trending and Incidence Rates

  1. Projected Counts of Diagnosed Pets
  2. Projected Counts of Treatments
  3. Prevalence and Incident Rates
  4. Treatment Compliance for Chronic Condition
  5. Treatment Plan Switching
  6. Outcomes and Follow-up Tracking
  7. Product Sales associated with Treatments
  8. Product Sales to Consumer
  9. Services/Procedures performed and revenue billed
  10. Pet Demographics
  11. Pet Health Records
  12. Prescription Records


  • Age of Pet
  • Weight of Pet
  • Species 
  • Sex
  • Census Region
  • Pet Household size
  • Clinic Size