Market Dynamics has been assisting with consulting projects for over 20 years. We recognize that our role is to provide the data you need to successfully complete your project on time and under budget for your client.

Many of our consulting clients' needs fall into one of the following areas:

Product Market Sizing

We can provide trended annual dollars and units for the complete market, selected categories or subsets of categories. We can provide the data at many levels including:


Patient Market Sizing

We can provide trended annual diagnosis, service and procedure counts which provide a look at the patient market size. Investment analysis projects frequently revolve around specific diagnosis groups and may need to be segmented by species. The data new businesses often require:

  Prevalence Rates
  Pets Treated
  Patient outcomes

Marketing and Quarterly Sales Trending

We can provide the product sales data points that companies and consultants need to develop and measure the success of their efforts. Available data and/or analysis include:

  $$, Doses and Units Sales at Brand/Products/Pack level
  Species level data
  Form level data
  Margin analysis

Custom analysis Data

  Free Goods Analysis
  Coupon and Promotional Tracking
  Compound Products Sales
  Brand Switching