Animal Health Study Plus (AHS+)


A monthly / quarterly study that provides market size and trends for products across all veterinary therapeutic areas in the continental United States.

Information Sources

Patient Information Management System (PIMS)

Information collected from approximately 1000 veterinary PIMS. PIMS is a central data warehouse where all relevant information is stored. This data includes products, procedures, diagnoses and treatment at all levels from pill to pet.


From over 1000 small animal veterinarians.  


 Species: Canine, Feline

 Major Product Classes 27: Biologicals, Anitbacterials, Internal Parasiticides, etc

 Product Sub-Categories 250+: Analgesics, Anti-Arthritics, Biologicals, SA, Rabies, etc.

 Number of Active Products/Packages: 5200+/ 11,000+ including compounds

 Manufacturer:Branded & generic products and packages

 Delivery Form:Tablets, Capsules, Solutions, Liquids, Injections, etc.

 Generic Ingredients:Primary and secondary

 Sales Measurements:Purchase dollars , Sales Dollars, Units and Doses